Simulation of heat transfer in elevator door for pre-testing in standardization process for ADDI Lift Ltd.
Material balance simulation in a PEM Fuel Cell, in a bipolar plate development project for Kontakt
Elektro Kft.
Fall Protection Cage simulation according to FIA standards for product evaluation; Balatonyi Racing
Static and dynamic FEM modelling of a street lamp (aLedIn) for RPT Innoteq Ltd.
Static and dynamic FEM modelling of an onboard bus information display (PicoTS) for RPT Innoteq
Viessmann 18-45 kW residential biomass furnace pressure test simulation according to VDL standards
Flow measurements and CFD simulations of Danube river for Paks Nuclear Plant
Building Passive Air Conduction (PACS) research and design in cooperation with PTE Energy Design
Research Group; Already existing references: Rati Ltd production hall, Vinery building in Villany,
Energy Demonstration House in Paks, and several others under developement
PSA – Inside comfort CFD analyses of passenger vehicles
GAZ – Inside comfort and defrosting CFD analyses of passenger vehicles
AUDI – External aerodynamics and engine cooling simulations of passenger vehicles
eLance – Electric vehicle frame crash test using FEM methods with material evaluation

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