Renergy Consulting Ltd’s competences can be divided to four parts, however they are overlapping each other in many cases. We have competences in industrial design which means 3D modelling of industrial housings, inside components, but also very complex structures like wind generators and even electric cars. Over these, we can manage full Product Lifecycle modelling, where tools as numerical fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element methods (FEM) are used to determine the optimal structure and after that the production method, which includes molding tool design, CNC machine code generation and also virtual production line design.

A product development usually does not stop at design; our prototyping background (sheet metal design, 3D printing, silicon tooling, PU molding and GRP processes we use for proto building), also needs programming knowledge to create embedded software environment for the product. We develop software for microcontrollers, PLC or PCs with strong hardwer and sensor knowledge and everything with nowadays basic technologies of full wireless connectivity and IoT platform integration. Low consumption is always achieved by programming techniques, therefore full autonomous systems has been also made previously.

Being active in several renewable energy related design projects led us start our project management and building division, where we design and execute grid connected solar and wind applications from 1 to 500 kW peak performance. We can help our customers from the first step until the commissioning!

Among these, we have developed an own smart city application based on environmental monitoring and real time simulation, which has won several awards.

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