About us

Our Company has formed in 2012, the main profile is based on engineering services, mostly in the field of energy and industry technologies.
Over the years our activity has covered many areas and we have worked for different type of customers, which shows our flexible attitude. Innovative thinking and creativity can describe our mentality the best. An important part of our engineering R&D services is based on our numerical flow modelling (CFD) background, which is a unique competence in Hungary, as well as the numerical structural analyzes (statics, dynamics, destructive tests). In addition to the design and implementation of solar systems, we are also active in preparation of expert materials for government actors in the field of energy.

Company registration number: 02 09 078837
Tax number: 23894370202
Address: 7625 Pécs, Tettye dűlő 2/1.

Email: info@renergy.hu
Phone: 70/3743690

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