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Engineering Activities

product design - innovation activity - numerical simulations (flow science - CFD, statics, dynamics - FEM, thermodynamics) - design of individual microcontroller control systems - construction of data acquisition systems (National Instruments, digital / analog sensors)

Design - Prototyping

design and analysis of mechanical engineering structures - Product design - design (3D modeling, 3D printing, production plans) - Eletronics design

Fluid Mechanics - Physical Simulations

Fluid dynamics studies (vehicle aerodynamics, passive building ventilation sizing, convective cooling flow pattern, wind generator sizing,…) - Static, dynamic strength simulations (FEM) - Fluid dynamics simulations (CFD) - Numerical mesh creation: we undertake network construction and input files processing) for FEM (Abaqus, ANSYS,…) and CFD (Fluent, PowerFlow, OpenFOAM,…) programs.

Végeselemes Számítások

Finite element tests (strength theory - statics / dynamics, failure probability calculation, heat transport,…)

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Our competencies

Renergy Consulting Ltd’s competences can be divided to four parts, however they are overlapping
each other in many cases. We have competences in industrial design which means 3D modelling of
industrial housings, inside components, but also very complex structures like wind generators and even
electric cars….

smart city project


Several years ago, we have started a project to make a full environmental simulation of a middle sized city (Pecs), which would show wind distribution, heat spots, energy circumstances, air pollution in a city. This project evolved to a complex system with real-time IoT environmental measurement nodes whose can serve with data to modify the simulation initial parameters….

Awesome Support

Dedicated Free Support

Our Company has formed in 2012, the main profile is based on engineering services, mostly in the field of energy and industry technologies.
Over the years our activity has covered many areas and we have worked for different type of customers, which shows our flexible attitude. Innovative thinking and creativity can describe our mentality the best….


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