Our Company was founded in 2012, the main profile is based on engineering services, mostly in the field of energy and industry technologies.

An important part of our engineering R&D services is based on our numerical flow modelling (CFD) background, as well as the numerical structural analyzes (statics, dynamics, destructive tests) and industrial design in PLM systems, which together forms our engineering division.

The renewable energy side of the company serves the industry with energy consulting, heating and electricity systems design, have even own capacity for PV installations, energy storage projects (battery & hydrogen) and energy optimization of buildings and processes, and we are also active in preparation of expert materials for government actors in the field of energy.


Renergy Consulting Ltd’s competences can be divided to four parts, however they are overlapping each other in many cases. We have competences in industrial design which means 3D modelling of industrial housings, inside components, but also very complex structures like wind generators and even electric cars. Over these, we can manage full Product Lifecycle modelling, where tools as numerical fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element methods (FEM) are used to determine the optimal structure and after that the production method, which includes molding tool design, CNC machine code generation and also virtual production line design.

A product development usually does not stop at design; our prototyping background (sheet metal design, 3D printing, silicon tooling, PU molding and GRP processes we use for proto building), also needs programming knowledge to create embedded software environment for the product. We develop software for microcontrollers, PLC or PCs with strong hardwer and sensor knowledge and everything with nowadays basic technologies of full wireless connectivity and IoT platform integration. Low consumption is always achieved by programming techniques, therefore full autonomous systems has been also made previously.

Being active in several renewable energy related design projects led us start our project management and building division, where we design and execute grid connected solar and wind applications from kW to MW peak performance. We can help our customers from the first step until the commissioning!

Among these, we have developed an own smart city application, based on environmental monitoring and real time simulation, which has won several awards.

Product design REFEReNCES

Tungsram – Growth lamp product design driven by optimal heat transfer in green houses

Microfluid Labs – Design of the housing of a medical device for optical semen analysis

Amalgam Collections – Development of high quality, realistic and exclusive Formula-e race car model

eLance Cars – Development of chassis, suspension, steering and propulsion of an electric sports car

PTE Hi-ORCA – Design and support of building a fuel cell powered vehicle for Shell Eco Marathon

CALIDUS Solar – Design and production of the 50 kW Solar Thermal Collector System www.calisussolar.eu

Specialized for wind generator design

iWindPark – Development and prototyping of a spiral winged VAWT, mainly for marketing purposes

WindTheWay – Design of the housing and self rising tower of a 30 kW wind turbine made by Lakics Ltd

Nagy Kft – Design and structural optimization of the frame of an 18 kW VAWT

RENERGY Wind Transformer – Full design and production preparation of a small VAWT family

Multiphisics simulations References

Simulation of heat transfer in elevator door for pre-testing in standardization process for ADDI Lift Ltd.

Material balance simulation in a PEM Fuel Cell, in a bipolar plate development project for Kontakt Elektro Kft.

Fall Protection Cage simulation according to FIA standards for product evaluation; Racing Team

Static and dynamic FEM modelling of a street lamp (aLedIn) for an onboard bus information display (PicoTS) RPT Innoteq Ltd.

Viessmann 18-45 kW residential biomass furnace pressure test simulation according to VDL standards

Flow measurements and CFD simulations of Danube river for Paks Nuclear Plant

Building Passive Air Conduction (PACS) research and design in cooperation with PTE Energy Design Research Group; Already existing references: Rati Ltd production hall, Vinery building in Villany, Energy Demonstration House in Paks, and several others under developement

Automotive projects:

PSA – Inside comfort CFD analyses of passenger vehicles

GAZ – Inside comfort and defrosting CFD analyses of passenger vehicles

AUDI – External aerodynamics and engine cooling simulations of passenger vehicles

eLance – Electric vehicle frame crash test using FEM methods with material evaluation

Renewable energy REFERENCES

Energy consultancy, funding management

Building energy retrofits preparation: Bátaszék Swimming Hall, Bátaszék Community Hall and Primary School and Fire Department, Szolnok Szigligeti Theater, Siklós Private Clinics,

Plenty other small project of family houses, company offices


Design and building of photovoltaic systems

2×500 kW PV power plant building and maintenance in Pellerd, Hungary.

Design of a 25 MW PV power plant system in South Hungary.

10-50 kW: Lábod Kindergarden and Community House; Rati Kft; Vasas Berek Riding Hall,

Small projects: over 30 family house

Smart Grid project in Dunaszentgyörgy with hybrid inverters and storage systems connected in SCADA communication grid

KOSTAL partnership

We are distributors and Hungarian technology partners of German KOSTAL photovoltaic inverter manufacturer.


Smart City platform

Several years ago, we have started a project to make a full environmental simulation of a middle sized city (Pecs), which would show wind distribution, heat spots, energy circumstances, air pollution in a city. This project evolved to a complex system with real-time IoT environmental measurement nodes whose can serve with data to modify the simulation initial parameters. This resulted a real time visualization platform with various dashboard possibilities, to process data from different sources.

This means that a complete Big Data platform which can handle more thousand IoT devices and data from utility service providers has been made, which can called as DataLake. For further developments we seek partners for implementing this product for other cities. There is an unlimited potential in this system, which is determined by the data sources and data processing methods.


Renergy Consulting Ltd. is an R&D company with key projects in renewable energy fields and smart technologies. We are seeking partners in our projects, especially in smart city technologies.

For more information please contact us.

Renergy Consulting Kft. – www.renergy.hu, www.renergy-solar.hu, www.advitalis.hu, www.senergy.hu

Dr. Istvan Ervin Haber – istvan.haber@renergy.hu

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